Cantonese | 廣東話

A Beautiful, Expresive, and Unique Language

Cantonese is an expressive language used by chinese communities around the world. Cantonese can be found in Hong Kong, Guangdong, Malaysia, Southeast Asia, Australia, Canada, America, and Britain. Written and spoken Cantonese has evolved over the last 2,000 years. Today it is becoming easier to use Cantonese on our devices.

Write, Listen, Speak, and Command in Cantonese


Traditional Chinese can be written using Cangjie, Strokes, or by pure Handwriting.


Cantonese Romanizations such as Jyutping and Yale make it easier to type Cantonese by sound.


Cantonese text can be read out loud to us. Very helpful for learners and those on the go.


Computers can hear what we say and write it down. Great if you have your hands full.

Voice Assistant

Assistants help set alarms, make calls, and find information for you with simple commands.

Cantonese Support

Cantonese and Bilingual support on devices is always improving.

iPhone & iPadiOS MacmacOS AndroidAndroid WindowsWindows
Listen (TTS)YesYesYesUnofficial
Voice AssistantYesYesYes**No
  Setup Setup Setup Setup

* Features based on iOS 13, macOS Sierra 10.15, Android 9.0, and Windows 10 (version 1909).

** Google Assistant's Cantonese support is only available on Android Smartphones (not Google Homes)